Membership management solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365



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Automate administrative tasks

Reduce your administrative tasks of your renewal by 75% with the web portal, the annual declaration, and the online payment of your members.

Plan tasks and ensure better case processing

Assign each task to the right team, department, case owner, or investigator, and ensure better follow-up.

Quickly access the member's billing status

Check the renewals' status with an overview of bills to pay and renewal deadlines.

Simplify your Regulatory Body’s management and automate your administrative tasks

✅ Simplify procedures with an optimized web portal.

✅ Centralize data and accelerate the committee's decision.

✅ Save time and effort with pre-recorded master data.

✅ Alert your members and facilitate the renewal process.

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Why should professional associations and regulatory bodies, use a CRM ?

How Legio 365 helps regulatory bodies manage annual membership dues ? 

The challenge for most regulatory bodies is keeping up with its growing member database and renewal process and complying with applicable rules and regulations. With Legio 365, a membership management solution for regulatory bodies and professional associations, these tasks are simpler than they would think.  Because Legio 365 is fully integrated with other Microsoft productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams, it is the ideal regulatory software solution. 

Regulatory software solutions for any automatized, accelerated registration process

Legio 365 offers membership software solutions to professional associations and regulatory bodies, helping them manage their members through an automatized registration process. This non-profit membership software has the back-end solutions you need to process, store and report all member data.

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