Simplify your citizen's request management flow 311 solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365



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Increase you 311 team's efficiency

Reconcile similar citizen's requests to eliminate duplicates and thus simplify the work of your 311 agents.

Implement smart routing

Automate the assignment of administrative cases and tasks to the right team, the first time, with routing rules.

Minimize your 311 agency budget

Decrease the number of inbound calls, and make strategic, efficient, and quick decisions, based on analytics and dashboards. 

Manage efficiently your citizen’s requests, suggestions, and complaints using an all-in-one 311 solution for cities.

✅ Offer your citizens several communication channels.

✅ Offer an intuitive self-service web and mobile portal to your citizens.

✅ Offer real-time visibility to your citizens.

✅ Optimize the work of your agents and your teams in the field.

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Why cities need a 311 and citizen's request management solution ?

Improve the experience of your citizens with Civio 365 

Offer exceptional service to your citizens while optimizing the workflow of your 311 agents. Our citizen request management solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, gives you the tools to centralize information on citizen requests, open new communication channels with stakeholders and offer a self-service platform to your citizens, which will allow you to raise your quality of service to a higher level.

Webinar 311 - Citzen request management solution - City of Laval

Case study: The Prix Excellence 2020 for municipalities with 50,000 or more residents was awarded by the Réseau de l’informatique municipale du Québec (RIMQ).

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